Within Scripture I see a captivating story being told through ordinary individuals and groups of people.

My hope is to continually be growing closer to Jesus and being willing to say yes to Him, no matter the cost. The area of public speaking and teaching has been an incredibly humbling place for me and has cost me much of my pride, because while I have usually thought I was better than I was, God has used the stage as a place to reveal to me how desperately I need a Savior each and every day. And it was not always pretty.

With that in mind, you will find below all of the examples I can piece together of me online teaching, communicating, and preaching. Fair warning: this is not a highlight reel, these are not just my favorites. Some of these times on stage have a backstory of insecurity, frustration, and embarrassment, but I include them all on here because God used each of these opportunities to draw me near to Himself, to fear Him more than man, and to love people a lot better.

God has done a redemptive work in who I am both on stage and off, so as you listen I hope you can see not a communicator who has gotten much better (and still has a long way to go) but the Spirit of God refining and shaping you and I to look more like Jesus.