Zombie Proverb


Zombies are pretty interesting to watch on a TV Show or a movie, but I don’t think they would be very entertaining in real life. Basically zombies just sit around, eat brains, and grudgingly move through the world.

I have felt like a zombie before (except the brain eating part) because at different points in my life I have given into temptation which started me down a path that ended up leading to a cycle of crap.

I did not like my actions or my reactions, but I was incapable of truly changing them. I was like a zombie, who just walks through life doing the same old thing whether he likes it or not.

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Proverbs says, “But those who pause to listen to Lady Folly do not know death is the next stop, that her guests are walking cadavers.”[1]

To me a walking cadaver is a zombie, and whenever I listen to the little devil on my shoulder that wants to derail me, I am put on a cycle of unwise choices that will not eject easily.

I have no desire to be a zombie. The thought that somebody else controls my sinful desire and me is not fun.

Instead, sin is just irritating. It promises high and under delivers. Whatever it is, sex, drugs, substance abuse, rumors, lying, or being insulting, can all be fun for a bit. But when we try to break the cycle, we are zombies.

We are Zombies of unwise choices, and “Lady Folly” does not give us up easily.

Instead, we need a savior. We need a savior to take the zombie out of us every day and not just a one-time thing at summer camp.

Jesus came to save me, every        single         day.

HE is a perfect savior.

Question: Is there a cycle of bad choices that you have been apart of for too long that you need out of? Will you be brave enough to seek help?

[1] Proverbs 9:18 The Voice