You Can Be a Hero Today


Read Genesis 14 How quickly do you rush to help others? I can be pretty bad at it some times… like when I am settling into bed… It can take me a while to fall asleep so when people call me and need a ride or some other emergency happens I am not very happy about it.

We all are different and maybe you are always the first person to be selfless and do whatever it takes to come and help others, but I’m not like that all the time and I bet you aren’t either.

Yesterday we were writing about the fact that Abram and his relative named Lot got in a bit of a conflict and decided to shake hands and go their separate ways rather than argue and start a family feud. Abram even gave Lot the best choice of land and everything, which was pretty generous. But Lot is an idiot and took the worst place that was at war and ended up getting taken prisoner.

At this point what does Abram owe Lot? Nothing right? He has taken care of him, mentored him, helped him build his business and still Lot was a little punk about everything. Abram really doesn’t owe Lot a rescue mission, Lot dug the hole and now he was laying in it.

But Abram does something different. Instead this was his reaction, “As soon as Abram heard that his nephew had been taken prisoner, he gathered a company of his most reliable and best-trained men (there were 318 of them, all born in his household) and pursued the enemy as far north as Dan.”[1]

His reaction was to go and help Lot no matter what the cost, no matter what the inconvenience.

Why am I not more like that? It’s heroic and epic. That is the kind of love that I want to have, and I bet you do to

So how do we become this selfless? How do we start creating the desire to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go fill up a gas tank?

We do, not think.

We should think when we don’t know what the right answer is yet, but if you know what is right the only thing your thoughts will do is try to justify the convenient and wrong choice.

I do an amazing job at justifying why I shouldn’t do what I know is selfless and right, and the only cure for that is to not hesitate and instead immediately go and DO what is right.

Don’t sit there and see if you need to pray about it, pray while you are driving, but if you know what is the right thing go and do it!

It may take you into some inconvenience, but no hero ever won without dealing with obstacles that were convenient.

So stop reading, stop thinking, and go and DO what you know is right.

[1] Genesis 14:14 The Voice