You are Surrounded by Awesome Today


Dark, bleak, empty. Both believers in the big bang and believers in the Biblical account of creation believe that those words describe what the universe was like before the universe began to expand. I realize that this subject is debated all the time, and I am nowhere near smart enough or have the energy to pretend to be an expert. People with Ph. D’s on both sides have written enough for you to read on.

I believe that God created everything, not because I am ignorant, but because after all my college courses on the subject the big bang account just doesn’t seem to answer for every question I had. So I am writing from the point of view that the Universe really does have a Creator, and He is freakin’ powerful.

So let’s talk about something else, my favorite parts. Life and Light.

Before anything was created God existed. The bible reveals that as some point He created his messengers, angels, and He was all good. He didn’t need anything else, but He wanted to express Himself in a new way… so He spoke, and life began.

God exclaimed, “Let there be light.”[1]

There is a scientific theory called the “Accelerated Universe” which means that the Universe is still expanding at a rapid pace today. If that is true then that suggests something awesome about God.

It means that those simple words years ago are still working today. New solar systems, stars, and planets are being created right now because God spoke back then.

Think about that for a second, because the same God who was powerful enough to do that so many years ago knows your name. He is so powerful that His words are still doing stuff, compared to me where my words at best get me food from Wendy’s.

The God of the Universe, the Creator of the kangaroo, the giant redwoods, and the atomic scale loves you.

Does that make every day special? Yes. Right now you are reading this on an e-format that is made of elements that He created that was written using the brain that He gave me.

Today is special, and so are you. Not because we are awesome, but because the Creator of the Universe is! So if your life is awesome or crappy don’t forget that you are surrounded by awesomeness, just open your eyes.

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[1] Genesis 1:3 The Voice