Would You Rather Be Rich or Poor?


You are walking down the street and a genie appears and he asks you “I can make rich, poor, or financially content for the rest of your life, what is your choice?” How would you choose?

Not many of us would choose poor right? Going hungry would be awful, and also being in constant need would be terrible.

What about rich? Most of us, including me, would naturally choose this one. We could do what we want, when we want, and we would never have to worry. We buy the car, the house, the family, and the job we always wanted! It would be great right?

But what is interesting is that often times when “rich” people are surveyed they don’t reveal to be any happier than anyone else, sometimes much less. They cite that they never feel like they have enough, and are frequently stressed by the burdens of their stature.

One author in the Bible put it this way, “Two things I ask, O God. Sometime before I die, grant these humble requests: Eliminate any hint of worthless and deceitful words from my lips. Do not make me poor or rich, but give me each day what I need;”[1]

This guy’s two requests from God is that he wouldn’t be a jerk by gossiping and spouting negativity and that God would not him rich or poor but simply give him enough.

Why? Because this guy was wise enough to realize that if he was rich he would start thinking he was more awesome than he was and not rely on God at all, and if he was poor he would be tempted to steal and rely on himself more than God to take care of it.

But he knew that if God gave him simply enough for each day that He would take care of the resources and get the props that He deserves.

Is this the way you view finances? Do you think about money in terms of whom you are relying on? Me neither. But it would probably be smart to, we wouldn’t be worried or stressed about money. We would rely on God and know that He will give us enough.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not stress about the promotion? Or the interview? Or the taxes?

So what would you tell the genie if he asked you the question now?

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[1] Proverbs 30: 7-8 The Voice