Words of Advice From the Expert of Foot-in-Mouth


Is there anything worse than putting your foot in your mouth? It sucks when you say the wrong thing at the right time, and I have had my share of those moments.

You know, like the time I was at a funeral and everyone begins making small jokes for relief and then I say one that apparently crossed whatever line existed and then I get the “insensitive jerk” look from everyone. Or when I am on a date and I should not give my completely honest opinion about the new hairstyle when it is inquired.

It can even happen when I stay silent rather than saying what I should say, like the time I was in Philadelphia and I felt God pushing me to speak to a homeless person who’s sign literally said that he was out of hope and needed a miracle. Instead I just walked on past.

Whether it is saying the wrong thing or not saying the right thing, it is easy to screw up with words, which is why King Solomon said:

“A well-spoken word at just the right moment is like golden apples in settings of silver.”[1]

When we say the right words at the right moment something special happens. You know the moment, it is like the heavens open up and angels are flying around and all that stuff. It is a special moment where you feel right in the middle of God’s plan, like you did good.

I love that moment, and I want to have more of those moments. Words have the power to save lives or destroy them, and the words we don’t speak are perhaps just as lethal as insults.

So how do we have more of these Golden Apple Moments? We pray.

Too simple? Maybe, but I promise it is the answer. The truth is we suck at discerning when and what and how we should say things. You know what I mean, when you leave a conversation shaking your head and you regret half the things you said or did not say.

God is pretty good at figuring out the best moments for us, and when we ask Him to give us a clue on those moments and the power to go through with it, He will answer and we will have Golden Apple Moments consistently.

Why? Because it is what happens when we spend time with the Author of Life.

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[1] Proverbs 25:11 The Voice