Wisdom 4 Life

Very few people actually set out with the mission of being “unwise.” Most people, especially the younger generations, actually consider themselves to be wise. But consider this, Wisdom is not a natural state. It is learned and won by experience and humility. This means that despite what I think, I am not wise because I am simply brilliant that way. I was not born wise. Because of that if I do desire to grow in wisdom I must start by saying that I am not wise.

Now let’s go find Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs.

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This book was written by King Solomon to his son. It was common from the time of the great kings of Israel until about 30 years ago in America that Fathers and Mothers would actually pass down knowledge and wisdom to their children through everyday life experiences.

Now Dads are nowhere to be found in the homes, and many of the ones who are there are disengaged and could care less. To say we have an international crisis of manhood is an understatement.

Proverbs can help though, because it can teach a person of any age how to follow in true Wisdom.

Proverbs 1 compares wisdom to a woman who is great at instruction and calls every fool like me back to her true knowledge that can give life

My choices usually take the life out of others and myself. So I am interested.

But just in case I needed any more incentive to read these Proverbs and take the messages to heart, Lady Wisdom ends the proverb by saying,

“But those who listen to me now will live under divine protection; they can rest knowing they are out of harm’s way.”[1]

I want protection. Maybe asking for help is not what we want to do, but to peer into Proverbs, to look for Wisdom we cannot start out with pride. We have to drop it, and begin to seek Wisdom to come alive in our lives.


[1] Proverbs 1:33 The Voice