Wisdom That You Forgot


I am always looking for the next great thing. Whether it is the next tech revolution from Apple or social media breakthrough, I love to know what is new and most advanced. The same thing goes for me and books. I love the latest in leadership development or personal growth. I am always looking for whatever that newest information is that will take me to the next level. I am always looking for that advice that my life has clearly been missing for all these years that will change my life and make me into the person that I want to be.

That is a lot of pressure for one book to do.

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What if the best advice though is not something new after all? What if the best advice is nothing new at all, but being well acquainted with old advice.

The reason I say this is because wisdom is not something to simply know, otherwise academics would be some of the wisest, but instead they can be some of the most foolish.

It is written in Proverbs, “Say to Lady Wisdom, “My Sister”; recognize that understanding is your best friend.”[1]

Imagine that you had a new sister every week? Or maybe a new best friend is easier to understand. You keep that new best friend from Monday until Friday but by Saturday, she is getting to be old news and frankly kind of boring, so by Sunday she is fired and you are looking for a new best friend.

How deep do you think that relationship would be? The answer is 7 days. My best friend and I know each other pretty well because we have been best friends since we were 7, we grew up next door, and hung out almost every day as we grew up. We talked about everything, and knew each other. We grew together and learned from one another.

What if the best advice is not a new bestseller but an old favorite? What if true wisdom is not found in a multitude of tips but in the solid repetition of wisdom that works until that wisdom is like a sibling or a best friend. Then our relationship with wisdom would not be shallow and week old, but well developed and deeply enrooted.

Question: What one piece of wisdom have you forgotten and you need to begin repeating into your life?

[1] Proverbs 7:4 The Voice