Why Stress Won't Make You Productive


Meetings, planning sessions, busy work, more planning, more work, try to fit lunch and a work out somewhere in the window of opportunity, pick up the kids, go home, make dinner, laundry, clean up, walk the dog, clean up the mess the kids made after the clean up, and if there is any free time gaps anywhere in this hectic schedule we fill it with catch up work or another meeting, because we want to get ahead, right? In America, busyness is considered the greatest measure of success and productivity. And whoever has the most stressful schedule is considered the envy of all else around, right? 

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Often times, we clutter our schedules with events and dailies because we think that that is what makes us a good hard worker. But what is more important the end result or the process to get there?

It is written this way in Proverbs, “Better to gnaw on a bit of dry crust in peace than to feast in a house full of stress.”[1]

We have begun to think that stress is a negative sign of good things to come, but that doesn’t even make sense. Stress is a negative sign of negative things, breakdowns, divorce, burn out, disengagement with kids, and others.

In other countries, there is not this emphasis on busyness (the process), but instead on productivity (the end result). That is why in Spain they have siesta (national nap time) every workday. They have literally built a family break into the national agenda, daily.

If you were asked would you rather have a schedule of peace or one of stress, which would you take? The problem is every day we are asked that and we take stress. I know I do.

This does not necessarily require a schedule overhaul, although for some it might, but it might just mean making a commitment to taking your lunch away from the office, or spending intentional time alone with God before your schedule really begins, or committing to never choose a meeting over your kid’s soccer game again, or taking your family on that long overdue vacation.

Peace is why God instituted the Sabbath, the day of rest, He instituted a day for us to exist with Him without stress and without busyness.

Jesus even lived out this principle in His life when He consistently went away to rest and retreat, Luke 9:10.

What will you do to reduce stress and busyness today? (I'd love to hear your response so leave your answer in the comments below)

[1] Proverbs 17:1 The Voice