Why Money Matters


It is pretty obvious that God does not want us to be stupid with money. In the Bible there are so many times that He gives plenty of reasons why being unwise with cash is just dumb. At the same time, He does not want us to think that money can be our “savior.”

Not many of us would come out and say that we actually think that money is our savior (mainly because not many normal people use the word savior in daily conversation), but money does help.

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If my car breaks down, what will save it? Money.

If a business is going toward Bankruptcy what will take care of it? Money.

And if a relationship is going downhill in a hurry, what should I do? Throw some money at it (results may vary).

In my head I know that money can’t fix every situation, but it kind of looks like money can do the trick in these situations.

But here is what Solomon wrote, “The rich think their wealth is their fortress; they imagine it to be an invincible wall of security.”[1]

Relying on money is like hiding in a fortress built on the beach, it is looking good and strong until the tide comes in and wipes away the foundation, then the fortress crumbles.

Money is a gift. It enables us to take care of the needs of others and ourselves, and can even be used for adventures and things that we want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and God does not have a problem with that either.

He does not care if you have money, but He does care about if your money has you.

Money cannot save us from anything, it is a tool for us to use, not a shelter for us to hide behind.

Jesus is the fortress built on a firm foundation. When life gets hectic, and life feels like living in a hurricane, hold onto Him. Money cannot save, but He can.


[1] Proverbs 18:11 The Voice