Why is the Bible filled with Imperfect People?


Imagine that you were trying to convince a Canadian friend why she should become an American citizen. What would you tell her to convince her? Would you cite the Water Gate scandal, how about the economic collapse of the 1920s and 2007, or maybe you would just cover the history of how America grew by taking land away from other cultures and leaving them in the dust.

Probably not, right? Why? Because when you are attempted to convince people of anything you usually talk about the best examples and minimize the bad stuff.

So why does the Bible record stories that show the moral failures of it’s leaders, especially Jacob (the guy who founded the nation of Israel).

If you have been following along the last few days, we saw that before he truly knew God he was deceptive, manipulative, a bad leader, impatient, and indecisive.

He was hardly a bragging point for the Jewish people. So why include all his failures? Isn’t that bad marketing?

It would be if Jacob was the hero, but really that role belongs to God.

Check out what happens in Genesis 35.That is why God told Jacob, “I am the God-All-Powerful. Be fruitful and multiply. You will give rise to a great nation; indeed nation after nation will come from you. Kings and rulers shall be numbered among your descendants.”[1]

God is the hero and instead invited Jacob in on the quest, even though he was imperfect and would still fall from time to time.

The Bible is filled with imperfect normal people who were chosen by an extraordinary God to do the impossible, and that’s why Im grateful the Bible never sugarcoats the truth.

In our lives we want to talk up our good points and not mention our failures, as if all of life is one big interview, but isn’t being a poser exhausting?

We have to keep holding up this mask of perfection, when the truth is that nobody has it all together, and I believe that if we are willing to be brave enough to drop the mask then God will be awesome enough to use even those failures as part of His story.

I think that if we each decide to stop faking perfection and get honest with God, ourselves, and others we would find Grace and find ourselves in part of an adventure.

[1] Genesis 35:11 The Voice