Why is it called Remix Gospel?


I'm glad you asked... I love it when musical artists do remixes. My favorite remix artists are Daft Punk and TobyMac. Both do an awesome job of redoing amazing songs that either them or someone else has done and retelling it in a new way. The important thing to note is that they do not attempt to change the message or story of the song, just merely recreate it in a way that is innovative and personal.

I grew up not really understanding how the Bible is relevant to my life today, and I know I am not alone. According to stats, there are a bunch of guys and gals my age leaving the church, and of the biggest reasons is just that. We are never really taught how it is relevant to our lives so we dismiss it, and look to self-help gurus for advice on how to live a fulfilling life.

Everything changed for me when I read a book called "The Christian Atheist" by Craig Groeschel. When I read that book my life was changed because he basically remixed the story of Jesus in a way that made sense to me. Since then I have learned that the Bible is actually still really relevant and applicable to my life. The lessons and messages within it are not just facts from a dusty old book, but timeless wisdom that discuss running a business, sex, relationships, conflict resolution, finding purpose, and discovering yourself. It literally applies to every aspect of my life and yours.

That is exactly why I wanted to do Remix Gospel. I do not want to change the story of the Bible. I think it is perfect and beautiful and true. But I do want to help others see that. I want to help you see that. I want you to see that it is still amazing and can change your life. I wanted to Remix it but showing you that it is personal in my own life and challenging me to go after awesome and live a life that matters!

So follow along and sign up on the side to get the Daily Remixes via email on a daily basis and you can start each day with a fresh Remix on a timeless truth that hopefully inspires you to reflect on stuff that really matters, not just the headlines on yahoo.

This is not for just Christians, this is for all of us. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you think Jesus is God (which I do) or believe Jesus was a nut job... Follow along, and ask questions. I would encourage you to be respectful and I will do the same with you, but let's look at the Bible together in a fresh way. But one thing I promise is that it will not leave you the same.

The word Gospel means Good News. And I believe that there is hope and Good News waiting within the pages of the Bible... So let's Remix it and have some adventures along the way.