Why I moved to China


Everything changed when the call hung up. I was moving to China, and I had three weeks to pack. Sounds intimidating right? You don’t know the half of it. I had to sell my car, quit two jobs, pack, figure out visas, living situations, the list didn't seem to end.

Kind of daunting but hey life is an adventure right?

I am like a line stretching in polar opposite directions… the first stretching toward adventure, life, and love. While the other stretching ever onward toward fear, anxiety, and desire to feel comfortable.

One fits in nicely with the Gospel, the other being torn to shreds in the shadow of the cross.

Dramatic. Okay, that’s enough of that.

Anyways, when I began my relationship with Ali we already knew she was Shanghai bound thanks to a lovely contract with Disney and nothing was going to stop that, so I never tried. Instead I desired to love support and encourage her through the difficulties of the move…

I didn't know I would soon be following along! Everything changed when I was invited to come serve at an incredible international church over here and also help build a Gospel community for expat Cast Members of Shanghai Disneyland Resort. You know that line mentioned earlier...that line that wants comfortability... well it was crying out pretty loud, I couldn't fathom all of the what ifs involved.

But it was my unique call to answer. Especially when you consider I have been serving Mosaic Church WDW as a church planting resident for the last two years, being groomed to start gospel communities for Disney Cast Members. I just had no clue it would be happening so soon!

Well, God’s plan won!

I boarded a plane headed toward the woman of my dreams and the community I never would have considered dreaming of…

I arrived a little over a week ago and held Ali as we both cried in the airport (crying is kind of our thing).

A few days later, we got engaged and were surrounded by friends both new and old. It was beautiful. It was a picture of the line stretching toward adventure and life, and flew in the face of the line that wants so desperately to just crawl up in ball or return to safer waters.

Ali has been loving people so well here, Jesus’ footprints abound. And now our journey together begins in a new way as we head to the alter, the picture of Christ’s pursuit of our hearts. And even sooner our journey toward a new type of community and ministry begins!

So be praying please! We need it. I’ve never been so close to the darkness as I am here in China, but I can feel the warmth of Jesus’ light.

Ali and I will both keep you posted appropriately on here, just know we love you. We care deeply about you, and while the line in us desires to stretch toward fear we press into adventure and love because of the love you demonstrate for us when you lift us up in prayer.