Why God Isn't as Mean as You Think


Read Genesis 22 I have a friend who was told me that he couldn’t believe in a God who actually told one of his followers to go and kill his only son, even if it was just a test.

Basically, my buddy viewed it as sadistic and since my buddy was a loving father he couldn’t imagine using a child as leverage for a test of faith.

Does my friend have a point? Absolutely.

From the outside of this story, it looks like God is either a) an indecisive jerk who couldn’t make up his mind about killing a child or b) an all-knowing jerk who wanted to test a guy’s faith by making him get within a second of murdering his own son.

Either way, God looks like a jerk.

But what if the story is not about God’s meanness but about one man’s faith that God will always provide?

The story goes that after Abraham finally had a son, Isaac, he was so excited. Isaac was his prized possession and he taught the boy what it took to be a man.

God knew this, and wanted to show to Abraham how he would provide even when the situation seemed dark.

He told Abraham to take his son to a place 50 miles away (three days journey) to Mount Moriah… this is important!!!.... and place his son on an altar as a sacrifice.

Abraham must have been torn apart, but he obeyed anyway. He took his son on the journey, but his son noticed that there was no lamb to sacrifice, so he asked…

Abraham responded with some insane faith, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”[1]

His response didn’t just show that he was obedient to some sadistic command, but that he knew God’s promise that Isaac would be the foundation for generations to come, and he knew that God would do that somehow.

At the last moment, God didn’t let Abraham take Isaac’s life, but provided a Ram to be sacrificed, and God loved it! He didn’t love the near death experience, but He showed how He will always come through when life is dark. He would always provide a lamb.

In fact, it was on Mount Moriah that when the situation of humanity would look dark and without hope, that God would one day provide another lamb. Jesus. Jesus was killed in the same location, check out Genesis 22:14… God promised Jesus would save the world in that place, over a thousand years before Jesus was born.

This isn’t a story of a jerk God, but it is a story of a hero that trusted his God to come through. That is what faith is. This may not have stopped you from thinking of God as a big bully in the sky, but would a big bully provide His Son (Jesus) to die in our place?

So what in your life do you need to step out on faith to do? Here’s a clue: It’s not faith if at the very least you don’t look stupid if God doesn’t come through.

[1] Genesis 22:8 The Voice