Why Christians Should Be Excited about NOAH


Noah’s Ark is not a kid’s story. I grew up in a small country church and I was always told the story like it was… You know the image… A tiny compacted boat with an old man with a white beard, a giraffe having it’s head out of a porthole, a monkey swinging off a vine that came out of nowhere like Spiderman, and an elephant that could easily sink the whole thing.

That’s the image we are given as kids and unfortunately that is the one that most kids growing up keep in mind when they walk into a science class in college and are told how the bible cannot be more than a book of fables.

But here is some good news, the story of Noah and the Ark is nothing like that picture from Sunday School. It’s really not about animals, or a small boat, or even a flood. It is about mankind and God.

That’s why I am so excited for the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe and Hermoine. Some pastors are mad that it isn’t closer to the Biblical account, but honestly it’s Hollywood, it isn’t accurate when it is retelling a story from last year.

I’m just excited because there is finally a realistic look at a raw world and a real God.

The Ark wasn’t a tiny wooden boat. It’s dimensions were huge, and proportions are still are used in building major ships.

It is a tragedy laced with hope. For example it is written, “God wiped out every living thing from the face of the earth. Every creature He had made—humans, animals, creeping things, and birds—was wiped off the surface of the earth. Only Noah was left and those with him inside the ark.”[1]

I think about all the people and animals that died in those moments and it is tragic.

It’s a story of the reality of our failures.  It isn’t about cute animals (they were curled up in the corner), it is about us and God, and it still has a message to teach us today.

It is easy to look at that story and think about how God must be a jerk, but He wasn’t. The Bible says that God was grieved by what humanity had become and He knew He had to act decisively. To kill cancer you have to sometimes undergo surgery and remove the tumor, and in a way that is similar to what God was doing, He was pressing reset on humanity, and in that there is hope.

Humanity is broken, both you and me, but God is always looking for the moment to reveal His love to us. The truth is many of us are lost and have no clue, we are heading toward a flood but don’t bother to consider it. Noah was building the Ark for over 100 years and there is no record that anybody really cared, there were signs and nobody cared. So will we be different? Will we look to God and point others to Him with love too?

Let’s make a difference today, who can you serve and share hope with today?

Lastly, if you are a Christian don't be afraid to see Noah; instead go see it and go have a discussion with some friends about it. There is value in the cinema and if you are still freaking out about adding things to the story... its a two chapter story, that does make it kind of hard to turn into a two hour movie, so give some grace and enjoy your popcorn!

[1] Genesis 7:23 The Voice