Why Adventures?


At the beginning of the year 2014 I embarked on a new journey for me known as remixgospel.com. It was designed to be a safe place for me and friends to write, and others to respond about subject matter within the Bible and life. I had a blast, and if you were with me on that part of the journey I hope it was for you too! But you see, I love to change things up. Why? Well you see… I cannot sit still.

Maybe that is why I have always had an obsession with adventures, because they rarely happen behind a desk or in a place of safety, they require motion.

You see, adventures are the stuff of the best stories, they imply risk, tears, joy, and laughter. Adventures call out to the inner child who still wants to pursue the unknown and stick our head into a mysterious cavern, and even get a little dirty. Basically, adventures are what make a life worth living.

For me, I believe in adventures mainly because I believe and follow Jesus, the ultimate adventurer. He led adventures of self-sacrifice, selfless love, and rebellion to the way the world does things. Jesus even said that he came that we may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10).

Life of adventure = Life to the full

He wanted more for us than a life engaged more through our phones then through conversation. A life filled with action not just theory. A life lived intentionally NOT YOLO. And I believe the first step is taking a step.

So… I decided to switch it up and start an adventure blog (because I felt the world needed just one more blog). But the goal will not be for me to simply share the adventures I go on, although I love sharing those stories, it will be a call and reminder to each of us to go live an adventure. This blog is my first step toward MY adventure, and I hope you feel encouraged to take your first step as well.

Please know that adventures are not cookie cutter. My adventure is not yours, and we will explore this theme in the time to come! And if it seems like I am being a bit vague about what an adventure can be, good! We will start the practical in the weeks to come!

As well, a major piece of this adventure site will be the Adventure Guide. The idea behind it is too often awesome potential adventurers (all of us) stay on the tourist trail of stress and cheap souvenirs and never get a chance to really explore when on vacation. I want to help you change that.

So the idea is pretty simply.

You tell me a bit about you and the rest of your adventure team and I will design a vacation of adventure and memories (tailor made for you!!!) that you can hold onto for a lifetime. For more details check out the homepage.

I am so stoked to launch this adventure, and I am honored that you’d consider going on it with me.


What about adventures make you the most nervous?