Who Needs Patience? Oh yeah...


Nobody has ever accused me of being patient. More often, I have lived by the motto of jumping before talking or thinking. By nature, I just DO. I think a lot of men are like that (I am sure some women are like that too, but since I am not one I cannot say for sure) we are creatures of action, and to sit around and think about just seems to be a time waster.

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The benefit of such thinking is that I get things done, I don’t prefer to wait in committee for all the little details to be figured out, instead I want to hurry up and move the process into place.

The downfall is that often I make dumb mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a little foresight and unwise choices that would not have happened if I had talked it over.

Solomon seems to agree when he wrote, “The one who listens to me, who carefully seeks me in everyday things and delays action until my way is apparent, that one will find true happiness.”[1]

In that verse, the author is personifying wisdom, and basically the thought is that if I would delay my action until I know what the wise choice is I will find true happiness.

Few people set out to make the unwise choice, and even fewer despise true happiness. It is just that often impatience gets in the way.

Impatience usually forces quick action based on emotion and limited experience. Obviously, that does not make for the best decision making criteria, but if instead I decided to simply sit down with a pen and paper and weigh the pro’s and con’s of a decision I might be able to foresee the pit I am about to fall into.

Patience is often seen as indecisiveness, but of course that is bogus. Patience is the stuff of samurai and jedi. Patience is for champions and warriors.

In any sport, the greatest players are patient to decide and then stick with it when they do.

I want the true happiness that comes with patient and wise decisions.


What decision do you need to make today that could use some patient consideration?

[1] Proverbs 8:34 The Voice