When you don't have it all together


It seems like I live in a Christian subculture that contains a few people classifications. There are those who pretend to have it all together, like they haven’t sinned since they were four and they only hit their older sister in the backseat out of anger because she took away the Gameboy. There are those who wallow in their own self-pity perpetually thinking of how wicked they are, clamoring to their sin like it is that knowledge that will actually do any good, but that is literally crying over spilled milk everyday (it only takes a few hours for the milk to spoil by the way). There are those who realize they suck but say, “well shoot I keep spilling the milk, so I might as well enjoy it.” And they give into temptation and really never give Jesus anything to work with. Lastly, there are those who are aware that we do not have it all together but just rely on Jesus and what He has done to carry us across the finish line. (Which one sounds like the class worth being apart of?

That is what I love about Paul. He was real, and never pretended to have it all together. This guy would lead a bunch of churches and write all around the known world, so it was pretty easy for people to begin thinking that he had arrived at spiritual perfection last Wednesday, while everyone else is just trying to figure out how to start having a better prayer life.

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Im sure Paul heard the people saying how great he was, but Paul squashes all claims in Philippi by writing, “Brothers and sisters, as I said, I know I have not arrived; but there’s one thing I am doing: I’m leaving my old life behind, putting everything on the line for this mission. I am sprinting toward the only goal that counts: to cross the line, to win the prize, and to hear God’s call to resurrection life found exclusively in Jesus the Anointed.”[1]

Paul starts at the beginning by making it clear that he has not arrived (so not in group 1). He is sprinting to the goal (not group 2). He is leaving the old life behind, and by the way his old life was that he murdered Christians and was a hyperreligious jerk, so absolutely nobody’s past is too bad for God(so not in group 3).

Instead, He was pushing forward to allow the Gospel to transform his life (group 4), which is what I should do. I have been in all 3 of the first groups, but those are all settling. I want to win at life, and live with no regrets.

My prayer is that I be honest with God today, and real with others, because He already knows the truth.

[1] Philippians 3:13-14 The Voice