When the Bible Promises You'll Be Rich!


“All these kingdoms, all their glory, I’ll give to You. They’re mine to give because this whole world has been handed over to me. If You just worship me, then everything You see will all be Yours. All Yours!” (Luke 4:6-7 The Voice). Before you look at the context, wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to hear from God? Everything is yours, all the power you crave, the control you want, the money, the mountains, the oceans, everything is yours if you simply worship me!

That is often what I want from God, things done my way. I want perks for following Him and doing life the right way. Can you relate? The desire to have others do what you think is best. The hope that worshiping God will lead to a life free from pain, heartache, or struggle.

A lot of people truly expect that. They believe that if they worship God, then the natural result will be prosperity in every aspect of life. It is the belief that if we have enough faith, God will bless us with everything we have wanted. The job. The house. The car. The cure. The vacation. The 10.0 spouse. Even the pony.

If you have a kid or have ever babysat, please think about the following: what happens when you give a child everything that he or she asks for, even for just one day? They will most likely find themselves in a very dangerous place (a tree, a roof, a ledge, or somewhere else that is high) with a sugar high and a new pet with sharp teeth.

Why would you not give a kid everything they want? Because they have no clue what is good for them, and you want in on a secret of life…. Neither do we.

We think that all the things that would make us satisfied will truly fulfill us, but they wont. So why we do expect God to give them to us, just because we want them?

There is nothing wrong with any of the cool stuff we want, a nice car, a hot spouse, or even a pony. But if those are our life goals, isn’t that pathetic? And why would those be of the biggest concern for the God of the universe in our lives?

The quote from the bible at the beginning was actually a temptation that the devil  (not God) was issuing to Jesus when he was trying to tempt the savior. Because even Jesus could be tempted by power and wealth, but instead He literally told Satan to get out of His face.

When we are tempted to think that life is about the accumulation of stuff and things we need to do the same thing. We need to remember that God’s purpose for our lives is bigger then power or a high-tech lifestyle. His purpose for each of our lives is about love and life to the full. So go live it.