When Somebody Doesn't Own Up


Don’t you hate it when people don’t own up? Like when a friend never paid you back and just expect you to get over it.

Or when your boyfriend betrayed your trust and expects everything to simply be okay.

They might say “I’m sorry” but you get the feeling they don’t really mean it.

It’s the worst right?

I feel like we do the exact same thing to God.

We say “I’m sorry” in a quick end-of-night prayer or go to confession, but we don’t really believe what we did was that bad or we don’t want to really admit it.

In Genesis 42, Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to get some food because of the famine, and they have no clue that their brother who they sold into slavery is in charge of the entire operation. Immediately, Joseph spots them and begins questioning them and accusing them of being spies (clearly he wasn’t over the whole slave thing).

He basically scares the heck out of his brothers without them knowing its him, and he listens as they begin to finally feel the weight of what they did to Joseph years ago. They said amongst themselves, “Now at last, we are paying the penalty for what we did to our brother. We saw his anguish when he pleaded with us, but we wouldn’t listen. Now that very anguish has come to us.”[1]

It took them so long to listen but when they felt the weight of their sin, it opened up Joseph’s heart and began the process of forgiveness.

We shortchange God and ourselves when we say “ah, my sin is not that bad” or “nobody’s perfect.” When we stick to clichés we don’t allow grace to take over. It’s like a dam we put up on the ocean, everything on the other side becomes dry.

As long as we are comfortable with our sin we will be like our friends who never own up and we will keep ourselves from how awesome the gift of forgiveness really is.

[1] Genesis 42:21 The Voice