What My Hoverboard Taught Me About Life.


My plane landed late and there was a two-hour line at immigration, but hey I had a beautiful blonde waiting that I hadn’t seen in months waiting on the other side of terminal so it was well worth the wait, but it got even better… because Ali had prepared dinner and a surprise for me, the dinner was pulled pork, the surprise was a HOVERBOARD (That may be the gift that your 12 year old cousin received last year, but that just proves how well Ali knows me.) Within a few weeks I was riding my new toy to the office everyday on the mile and a half trek it takes to get there, and soon enough I had a couple decent wipe outs with some scar tissue to prove it.

Now if you haven’t seen a hover board in motion check out this video of a seven year old showing his skillz. Now I never got as talented as this kid, I would like to think this was due to the fact that I am an adult who doesn't have time to hone my abilities like this youngling, BUT it was efficient and made me feel adventurous because there’s nothing like will I get hit by a scooter in a foreign country this morning to make you feel alive.

(My favorite wipe out occurred when a moped conveniently made an emergency stop by swerving right in front of me which sent the hoverboard forward five feet and me backward with gravel in my back, not ideal.)

Those wipe outs did not make my hoverboard too excited, instead it left my board being pretty beat up pretty quick, and all of sudden my new toy was looking pretty scuffed up and even began acting up.

Slowly, I started growing more and more frustrated, because I was watching this special gift turn into next week’s dumpster delivery and it reminded me of an important truth that I absolutely despise, all we see around us is temporary.

We can all agree on that right? Regardless of our belief systems we all know how everything on this earth decays, life ends, and when I saw my board fight for the last moments of its life I became aware of how frustrating the whole circle of life really is.

I mean did Mufasa get super excited about becoming hyena chow as he was tumbling toward the canyon floor? Doubtful.

It reminded me that one day I will near the end of my life, how will I take that realization? Will I become the old shut in who refuses to embark any further in life because his is almost over or will I look to invest in and love others? Will I make the most of the remaining moments or will I make it my unending goal to keep the kids off the lawn?

I want to make a difference. I want to choose legacy. I want to choose to embrace every moment. I want to accept the mission that Jesus left for me and for you, to go and invest in people through discipleship.

But I shouldn’t just wait until I am nearing old age to make a difference, because there are no guarantees for tomorrow.

Instead I want to accept the challenge to not build up a bank vault of metal like Scrooge McDuck, but instead build up treasure in Heaven by loving God and loving People.

This may be where our world views differ. But my hope in Heaven is exactly what propels me to love, invest, and make a difference on this earth.

This weekend I go on my honeymoon and my goal is that every employee that we interact with at our resort would feel genuinely cared about by Ali and I. What will you do to make a difference today in the lives of others? Life is too short for anything else, if you don’t believe me, believe my hoverboard.