What Kanye West Proves about Humanity


Kanye West is fun to watch huh? He is pretty gifted and talented. He seems like a pretty smart guy, and he also has mastered cool in ways that I will never be capable of. But right about now he has repulsed more people than flappy birds.

Why? Because he thinks he is so freakin’ awesome. He made it clear that he considers himself the next Nelson Mandela and literally worthy of religious praise. He thinks he is amazing, and he wants the world to know about it.

And that kind of rubs people the wrong way, and gives a whole new classification for jokes to tell.

But why do we get so aggravated when he considers himself to be as talented as Steve Jobs, Picasso, Walt Disney, and Jesus?

It’s because he is saying the stuff that we all think about ourselves.

Didn’t see that one coming huh?

But the truth is that we as humans have an ego problem a lot of times. We want the credit when we accomplish stuff, we want people to compare us to others who are successful, we want the praise, shoot… we want the praise when we didn’t even do anything. I can’t speak for you, but this is definitely true of me…and if you don’t do any of this, you get a free pass today, go read the Remix about dogs or something…

But for those of us who struggle with pride, and getting the praise that we feel we deserve there is always a way out.

A few generations after Noah’s flood, the earth was on its way to repopulating, and they built a city. They wanted to stay all together because they thought it would be more efficient. But soon that efficiency turned into pride when humanity tried to show themselves and God how awesome they were!

Our forefathers literally said, “Let’s go build ourselves a city with a huge tower that reaches into heaven. That way we will make a name for ourselves. If we don’t, we’ll run the risk of being scattered all over the earth.”[1]

Why did they build the tower? Because they wanted to show God up, they wanted to have the praise, they wanted the award from T-Swift (Kanye reference), and they wanted the pat on the back.

Aren’t you proud of our forefathers? They were dummies, and so am I when I want to be the cool guy, when I want to write a book or speak at a conference to prove myself and not to be a part of seeing lives change, or when I try to call attention to myself.

So how do we not become Kanyes? We give the praise away. When we do something awesome try to think of others who helped with it and give them props.

If you do a good job on a team report at work and you were the lead, give the praise to the team. If your spouse gives you a compliment for helping around the house, shoot back another compliment for her doing it the other 364 days of the year. And the best is when you do something awesome, give God a shout out, because after all without Him we wouldn’t even be breathing right now.

Give it away.

When we give it away we are more like Jesus, when we don’t we are more like Kanye. Who do you want to be like?

Note: Hey Kanye, I was not trying to be a “hater” you were just the perfect object lesson, and you probably liked the attention anyway!!

Check out Today's Remix section in the Bible by reading Genesis 10-11.

[1] Genesis 11:4 The Voice