What I Like About Jesus: HE IS ALIVE!!!


Have you ever felt like all hope was lost? Like things would never be the same again? Maybe it was after a job lose, death of a loved one, or a major break up. It feels like things will never be the same again. Those moments are painful because there is pain, uncertainty, and grief. Usually you want some type of closure, some way to say by the old life before beginning to pick up the pieces and moving on. Maybe it’s a conversation, a night of deep thought, a funeral, or a good crying session.

Sad yet? Good. Now multiply that by ten. Now you are getting to the feeling that Jesus’ followers had when they saw Jesus take His last breath on the cross.

A few of them wanted closure so they took Him down, and gave Him a proper tomb burial, and even put Him in an expensive burial cave. They wanted to honor Him, even if He wasn’t the hero, the king, the conqueror they hoped He would be.

Then they spent the next few days in fear and depression, because the Romans could still come after them for being members of Jesus’ posse and have them executed as well.

Some of the women who followed Jesus went three days later to the tomb of Jesus, and realized someone strange was there. A guy clothed in white, a Messenger from Heaven.

He told them that Jesus was not dead, and was not in the tomb any more.

He defeated death. He won. He is the Hero!

They checked out the tomb and realized this was insane so they ran back and told the others. As they all checked it out they were dumbfounded!

Jesus’ followers began having all sorts of weird encounters.

Two of Jesus’ followers were walking down the street later that day when all of a sudden a man came up to them and began talking with them, they explained that they had such high hopes that Jesus was the long awaited hero, but apparently not.

Then the man replied back by explaining that He died on the cross according to plan and was now back because it had to happen this way!

So they invited the man in for a meal, and He accepted, but when they began eating they realized the Man was Jesus, and right then He disappeared.

All they could say was, “Amazing! Weren’t our hearts on fire within us while He was talking to us on the road? Didn’t you feel it all coming clear as He explained the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures?”[1]

That is what it is like when you are close to Jesus. Your heart is on fire. Bravery takes over, fear dies, love happens, and excitement is the new standard. However, the adverse is also true when we choose to be far from Him, love shrivels up, fear increases, and judgment and comfort become the standard.

Jesus is not dead. The story continues that a few days later Jesus stood on a mountain with His followers and gave them some final instructions that they were now on a mission but He would always be with them. He ascended to Heaven until the time was right for Him to return to this earth, and His followers were never the same again.

I know how impossible these facts seem. You might consider this to be simple primitive mythology, and its understandable because so much of this is impossible in our eyes. My goal is not to convince you to believe in miracles, only God can do that. But I believe that Jesus physically rose from the grave, and in doing so conquered death. I know it because He gave me a new life and a new heart. I’m different when I am close to Him, I’m on fire.

Jesus is not dead. He is alive, and He is calling each of us to follow Him.

[1] Luke 24:32