What does Your Name Say About You?


Check Out Genesis 17 Do you sit down and think about simple things and what their purpose is? Like cotton candy, clouds, wall paper, and E! Network? If you do then you are probably crazy with too much time on your hands…

Or else you are just curious, and that is a good thing! I am too…

One of the things I have spent some time thinking about is the purpose of names…

Why do we all have names and why do expecting parents freak out when it comes to naming a child? Also, why does my friend want to name his new puppy “Damn It!” (true story)

If you spend any time in the Bible you realize that God and Jesus took names pretty seriously too… Jesus would rename his followers from time to time… He changed Simon’s name to Peter. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. But what was so important about the name change that the God of universe made a point to do it?

The more I have looked into it the more I realized is that names are important because they tell us who we are… They are the ultimate label or self-fulfilling prophecy…

My favorite guy in the Bible, Daniel, name literally means “God is my judge.” This implies that he would not fear what anybody else thought, said, or did to him. And he lived up to the name, and I want to too.

The hero in our current story is Abram, which means “high father.” For a guy that spent 90 years of his life with no son that name must have hung around his neck with embarrassment.

But then God says, “To symbolize your foundational role in this covenant, I hereby change your name. You will no longer go by the name “Abram.” Your new name will be “Abraham,” which means “father of a great multitude of nations,” because that is exactly what I will make of you.”[1]

Abram had now become Abraham. God promised that his name would live on and be great through his kids. All Abraham had to do was have faith.

All of our names are important so look your’s up here (http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Abram)

You might be surprised about how accurate the name is to your personality. But remember a name or label cannot ultimately define you… You don’t need a name change to change your life. Instead all you need is ask God to guide you.

Are you like Abraham, filled with doubt about your future or destiny? Ask God about it and keep bugging Him until the answer comes… He can handle it, I promise.

What does your name mean? Does it fit who you are?

[1] Genesis 17:5 The Voice