What DO Your Decisions Really Matter?


What do my decisions really matter? Often that is exactly how I feel. Will anyone ultimately notice? Will anyone be affected? Probably not...

Often times we think what does it matter if I make the right or wrong choice, as long as nobody else gets hurt then it is whatever.

Nothing in life is whatever.

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Every choice means more than we think in the moment that we make it, both good and bad.

If you pay for some stranger’s coffee at Starbucks because he look flustered and cannot find the right amount of cash, you may not know but he was on his way home to take his life and that small act of random kindness let him know that someone might care about him, and instead of taking the gun he goes and finds help. (Does that sound extreme? It really happened to a woman in Texas.)

If I decide what does it matter if I lie on this report, if it will make me look better at work, I may not know that over time by boss notices inconsistencies and begins an internal investigation that ends in my termination and the discredit of my integrity.

“Great treasure may be found where the right-living make their home, but trouble awaits the wicked at every turn.”[1]

What do our little everyday choices matter? They are the difference between life and death. The sad part is we never see it coming.

We think nobody will know, or nobody will care, but the God of the Universe has never been faked out. He loves to see integrity and is filled with too much justice to allow sin to never catch back up with us.

Today we will all be faced with situations where we can make the right or wrong decision, and the great thing about God is He gives us the choice, but we have to live with the outcome. Every decision matters, every day.

So when you get the chance today ask yourself:

What does my decision really matter?

[1] Proverbs 15:6 The Voice