We May Not Be as Smart as We Think


Doesn’t it seem like we live in a very information focused society? With Google, Wiki, and our iPhones always on hand we never have to wonder about the answer to a question, instead we just have to hold down the center button and wait to ask Siri. The amount of information in the world actually doubles every few years now, where as in the previous millennia it took centuries for that to happen.

For people like me who love to constantly be learning it is a great era to live in. But still, despite all of our exhaustive attempts of knowing more in this world, we still aren’t satisfied.

Depression, suicide, divorce, and crime rates are all constantly on the rise despite humanities gaining of more wisdom. The only statistic that is going down is the amount of people who believe in God.

It’s sad but in the process of figuring out the mysteries of the universe, humanity has dismissed the Creator of it as nothing more than Santa or simply folk superstition.

I do believe that the sciences reveal God; in fact that is why the sciences were founded. But I will leave that to guys with white lab coats to discuss.

I’m much simpler, and I think Jesus was too. He really made His point when He began to pray one time. The author Luke recorded, “Then Jesus Himself became elated. The Holy Spirit was on Him, and He began to pray with joy.

Jesus: Thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth. Thank You for hiding Your mysteries from the wise and intellectual, instead revealing them to little children. Your ways are truly gracious.”[1]

Jesus was right, finding God is not about being smart, it is about being alive. When you were a child you were alive, you had adventure running in your veins, but something happened, you were informed that real life was different (but that’s the lie!). Children are a handful but despite everything they are simple, and they have faith.

Blind faith is dumb, but faith rooted in who Jesus is real. Whether we have known Jesus for all our life or just curious about the potential of who He is, I promise that He is not another intellectual pursuit. He is a life pursuit, a life of adventure, of love, of imagination, of community, of bravery, and of living.

God can’t do much when we are foolish enough to think we are wise, but when simplify life He can use us to change the world.

[1] Luke 10:21 The Voice