Waking Up In a Tent, Ending Up at a Perfect Game


I was devastated. Fresh off of a breakup, I was not doing so hot. The breakup was for some great reasons, 90% of them were my fault, so I knew I had plenty of areas in my life to grow in. The following story is how I confronted one of them:

I loved having “the plan.” Whether it was short or long term I was always calculating and overthinking every day of my life, and apparently girls don’t enjoy being controlled or guilted into keeping to MY plan. Who knew?

Somehow as I grew up I lost my quest for the unexpected and began settling for my micromanaged version of perfection. I was not flexible, and knew this needed to change. It was time to be spontaneous. It was time to hit the beach with a tent.

I called some of my buddies, and we went off to Santa Cruz, CA for a camping trip at one of my fav spots on earth, New Brighton Beach ( a spot requiring year in advance reservations). We had no reservations, but we didn’t care, we landed the one cancellation of the day. We had no food, we found hole in the wall restaurants that were delicious. We had a great time!

The next morning we wake up fresh off the victory of our day 1, and began to decide what to do for the day. One of my buddies recaps a time he went surfing just south of San Francisco and they had a beach house Taco Bell, made of wood, with surf up window!!!!! Before we knew it we were in the car heading for Nachos Bell Grande and adventure

Once we arrived at the beach we talked about what we could possibly do that evening in SF, since we were so close. In a moment of brilliance, it comes to our attention that the SF Giants were playing the very same evening! Sold. We jumped on Stub Hub and bought $5 nosebleed tickets to see the Giants demolish the Astros!

We arrive at AT&T Park, and get ready for first pitch from one of my favorites, Matt Cain. He was pitching well, and my buddies and I were beyond excited.

By the 8th inning we became aware of the fact that Matt had not allowed any runners on base, it was a perfect game bid (perfect game is when a pitcher does not allow any batter to get on base for a full game).

We were stoked, and so was the rest of the stadium! That night San Francisco became a city dedicated to prayer, at least through the top of the 9th. As each batter sat down it got closer, until…. A pop fly to the outfield, lands in the glove of Blanco.

History made. 1st perfect game in Giants history!!!!

It was an exciting night for me and my friends, and a moment we will always look back on, but not just because we got to witness something special in the sporting world, but because we ventured into the realm of the wind. We allowed spontaneous behavior to take over, and had an adventure for the ages.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I never plan anymore, that is still my default. However, that day I learned it is okay to have plans change, and to enjoy the ride.

There is an old Yiddish proverb, “Man plans and God laughs.” I’ve learned this much in my short life. This might sound depressing but since when do we as mankind really know what is best for us? We usually make bad choices that lead to bad places, but the God of the Universe loves us so deeply that His plan is always for our good (Jer. 29:11).

Instead, I should be thankful for when my plans fall through, because it is in those moments that God’s plan shines through and I embark on a journey out of my control but firmly within His.

I’m curious, what has helped you learn to be a smidge more spontaneous in your life?