Things I Like About Jesus: He Wanted His Followers to Count the Cost


Sometimes I get so excited to begin a project or new hobby that I jump right in without really thinking it through. One time, a buddies and I were excited about the iPhone app industry so we picked a name, filed some papers, borrowed a mac, and began making apps.

It was awesome, we were all learning so much, and our expectation was smooth sailing all the way to the top 10. Our first app was a great learning experience, and soon we had some Dutch guys wanting us to build an app for them! We were stoked, because we were all 18 and living with our parents, and this was huge! Soon communications broke down, and the deal fell through.

We folded pretty quickly out of discouragement and never even tried another app.

I’m sure you don’t have many stories like that, but a lot of people who at one point called themselves Christians do.

You go to a youth camp when you’re 16, and you are so excited about the crazy Fear Factor games, and the cute girl or guy that you met that lives 3 hours away who is now holding your hand, and the music is loud and pumping, and then the speaker is amazing delivering a message that is speaking right to you. In that moment you make a decision to become a Christian, because you sincerely want life change and Heaven.

It doesn’t take too long to get back home and realize that while you have had an experience, the world has not and soon you are sucked back into the same old life you were living before. And now 10 years later, nothing about your life says that Jesus is a priority.

Every person’s story is unique, but for those who fall away from Jesus one thing is always underestimated: THE COST.

Despite what many preachers say, there is a cost to following Jesus. It is 100% true that to be saved by Jesus is 100% free, it is about grace and faith not our best efforts. But Jesus once asked, if you were building a tower, wouldn’t you sit down and estimate the cost? What if you laid the foundation and realized you were out of cash? He went on to say, “In the same way, if you want to be My disciple, it will cost you everything. Don’t underestimate that cost!”[1]

Many people fall away from Jesus, maybe even you, because like me with my app company, you expected smooth sailing, you expected your life to be changed and that feeling of closeness with God to never change. But that climactic scene ended, and soon those expectations were screwed over.

One thing that I believe the church is America has gotten wrong is asking for people to believe in Jesus, because Jesus never asked for believers, He asked for FOLLOWERS. He asked for bravery. He asked for adventure. He asked for selflessness. He asked for commitment. He asked for men and women who would do the impossible. And He is asking the same thing of you. He wants you and me to be on His team and help change the world. There is nothing easy about it, but what great thing in your life has been easy? The best things always have a cost.

So listen to Jesus and count the cost of following Him. What will you have to give up? What negative influences will have to be negated? What habits will be flushed down the toilet? I can promise one thing, whatever you have to give up to follow Jesus is nothing compared to the new life and love that you receive when you give Him everything.

So please remember that you cannot earn any part of salvation, because Jesus already paid for it when He died and rose again for us. But now the question is on us: What will we do with it, reject it or follow Him?

[1] Luke 14:33 The Voice