There Is No Such Thing as a Sure Thing, Unless...


Read Genesis 12 It’s nice to know that you cannot fail at something, but seriously when has that ever been the reality?

There is no such thing as a sure thing, and I think that is why we look for blessings.

A blessing is when you want someone who is wiser and more experienced then you to look at your business plan and say that it will be successful. We really like having blessing by someone like that before we do something huge.

For some reason I think of Luke Skywalker trying to get a blessing from Yoda to leave his training and go be the hero... But I digress...

We like the same thing from God as well. Most of our prayers are asking for God to bless our dreams, to bless our decisions, to bless our families and our lives.

And there is nothing wrong with that, but we do need to look at what that blessing actually looks like.

The beginning of the nation of Israel started with one man named Abram. This guy was awesome in a bunch of ways, but also had some deep issues with fear. But no matter what God blessed him.

At the beginning of the story, Abram knew nothing about God, but all of a sudden God spoke to this guy.

God asked Abram to follow Him, and trust Him, and as Abram would follow Him he would be taken care of and protected.

He literally told Abram, “I will also bless those who bless you and further you in your journey, and I’ll trip up those who try to trip you along the way. Through your descendants, all of the families of the earth will find their blessing in you.”[1]

That blessing was not just for Abram but for his future descendants, the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Since then, the blessing has been held up by God. Israel has not been perfect, but it has made it through being taken captives by the Babylonians, the Romans, and the Nazi regime. Through all that pain and struggle they still survive, and it goes back to this blessing.

So what have you been praying for a blessing over? A new project? Your kids? Your marriage? Take it seriously, and begin praying and don’t stop. God is not a cosmic coke machine who is looking to give us whatever we want, but He is a good father who wants to take care of us as we choose to live for God.

Go for a blessing, and even when life gets tough, hold on to the promise you are owning and keep moving forward.

[1] Genesis 12:3 The Voice