The Truth About God's Judgement


How do you treat people that you know are guilty? Like what if you were walking down the street and you saw the guy who stole your bike? Would you want to hang out with him? Go grab a coffee? Me neither. When we are wronged it hurts, and it’s not always so easy to forgive and forget, especially when the other person isn’t sorry at all.

Let’s take it one step further. Imagine that you created something brand new. Maybe you just completed a painting, built a car, or made something else that was awesome. Now someone comes along and destroys it right in front of you.

What’s your first reaction? I bet it’s not to hug them.

There is a special attachment that happens when we create something, it is a part of us, and if someone messes with it there is a deeper connection to it.

After Adam and Eve got kicked out of paradise they had a couple of kids, Cain and Abel. The first was a farmer, the second was a shepherd.

After some years passed by and they grew up, they both made an offering to God. Cain offered the scraps of produce off the ground and Abel gave God the best lamb he had. That difference might not seem like a big deal but God could see their motives. Cain gave the scraps because he had to, Abel gave his best to God out of love.

God saw the difference and gave props to Abel but not Cain, and Cain’s heart started getting warped. He was so bitter that he killed his brother and tried to do a cover-up.

God knew what had happened and ended up sending Cain into exile so that justice was done. But Cain was afraid that his future relatives would one day find him and kill him out of revenge.

But check out God’s mercy when he said, “That’s not the case! Whoever kills you will suffer My vengeance and pay the penalty seven times!”

Then God put a special mark on Cain, so that no one who came in contact with him would try to kill him.”[1

Abel was one of God’s creation, and Cain slaughtered him and tried to cover it up. How would that have made you feel? Could you blame God if He executed Cain right then and there?

But even in the moment that He sent Cain into exile He had mercy on him. He allowed him to go into exile without fear of what others would do to him in the future.

That should mean something to us because God is not angry or mean. He likes justice, but so do we. We want war criminals put on trial. We wanted Hitler to lose. We want people who hurt children to be thrown in jail.

But God is also filled with mercy. He took care of Cain, even though he didn’t deserve it. Basically, God showed himself to be a good father. He punished him, but let him know that he still loved him.

It’s easy to think that God is waiting to beat us up or punish us. But instead he is looking for ways to take care of us.

How have you grown up thinking about God? What does this story tell you about Him?

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[1] Genesis 4:15 The Voice