The Secret to Making Good Decisions Today


Check out Today's Remix Section by reading Genesis 21 I recently had one of those days where it felt like nothing was going right, I was stressed out over some important decisions,  my check engine light came on,  I just came back from vacation so my work had piled up, I learned that a bunch of my volunteers didn’t show up to fill in for me on Sunday like they were supposed to.

I was stressed and mad.

It was one of those days where you couldn’t DO anything to make things better, you could only sit and fume. So that is exactly what I did.

I got mad at God, because I wanted my day to be easy; I want my car to never break down, and my job to run smoothly when I am out of the office. I want what I WANT.

That is when I began to realize, maybe that is the problem.

Maybe I am trying so hard to get things done MY WAY that I miss out on the point.

I learned something very important that I probably already knew and you did too…

I learned that I am responsible to make decisions for the things I can control not the things I can’t, and I am also responsible to trust God with the things that are out of my hands.

When the hero of our story, Abraham finally had his long awaited son, his wife began to get jealous of his first born son who was basically illegitimate. So she came to Abraham and wanted him to send the kid and his mom away from the family.

Abraham must have been freaking out, the boy was 16, there is no doubt that he had grown to deeply love his son, and care for her mother. And now his wife wanted him to just send them away? That’s not fair, and its not even right, right?

In the middle of Abraham’s anxiety attack, God spoke to him saying, “Don’t worry about the young man and your servant. Go along with whatever Sarah says, for through Isaac your covenant children will be named. As for the son of the slave woman, I will take care of him. I will raise up a nation through him as well because he is also your son.”[1]

God promised to take care the results if Abraham was willing to make the decision. That probably didn’t make it a whole lot easier for him, but at least he had peace about the future of his son that he loved.

It is important to note that God came through on his promise, this young man’s name is Ishmael and all Arabic tribes and people are descended from him. God always comes through on his promises.

So maybe today will be riddled with decisions so here is a tip… Make the wise one.

God has given you the wisdom to choose through the Bible and through your own mind, so make the best decisions you can. And when life gets stressful, remember that the results are up to God, and He is on your side, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

When has there been a time where you had a rough day but realized God was on your side? Leave your story in a comment below.

[1] Genesis 21:12-13 The Voice