The Oldest Game of Clue


Remember growing up and playing your favorite board game? Mine was Risk, mainly because I enjoyed destroying and conquering and apparently didn’t mind losing friends every time I played. Clue was also an interesting one… Trying to figure out who murdered who, the suspense was intense, and sometimes people would jump to quick judgments so that the game would be over, and usually they would be wrong.

When Jesus died it was kind of similar. The facts and evidence were obvious.

Jesus was betrayed by one of His friends to the religious leaders who hated Him, they turned Him over to Pilate, the governor of the province who was the only person who could authorize Jesus’ execution. Pilate did not want a rebellion on his hands so he tried to figure out what the majority of public opinion was in the case of Jesus. Even though Pilate knew Jesus was innocent he had him beaten and put on the cross to die anyway.

So who murdered Jesus? Judas? The religious leaders? The crowd who shouted for His death? Pilate? The Roman Government who authorized it? The soldiers who physically put Jesus on the cross?

All of them are pretty good suspects right? All of them had their hands in the process. So who is responsible?

In the early church, they blamed Rome because it was their decision ultimately. But then over the years that followed “Christian opinion” began to say that it was on the Jewish people who verbally condemned Jesus to death, so naturally bring in the crusades and the Jews became pretty hated by Christians, even to the point where some suggested that Jews could no longer even go to Heaven!

So who killed Jesus? Me.

My sin, my shame, my pride, my bad decisions were the reason that Jesus died. But not just me but all of ours. When Jesus died on the cross He took every failure in the history of mankind on his back. He became the perfect sacrifice, so that we would no longer be victims of sin.

Honestly, it is insulting that we think that Jesus was murdered by any of the people of His day. He didn’t even die by their hands, He gave up His own life when He spoke the words, “Father, I entrust My spirit into Your hands!” And with those words, He exhaled—and breathed no more.”[1]

Jesus is God and He could have called down fire, angels, ice, lightning, or whatever else to get Him out of the situation, but He didn’t. Instead He went through it so that could have a full life.

So don’t blame the obvious suspects, instead remember that Jesus came to die the death that we deserved so that we could live the life that we could not earn.

So Jesus died. But the story doesn’t stop there… Come back tomorrow to finish the story.

[1] Luke 23:46