The Eternal Win


Randy Alcorn writes in his book Heaven a great deal about the Eternal Kingdom of Jesus and about our “glorified bodies,” and about all the adventures and good times that await us in Heaven. So after I read that I figured that I would live every day with hope and a new perspective… wrong. I still whine. The truth is I do not even know what it means to suffer beyond a feeling of fury when someone at work throws out the dessert that I was waiting to eat after I helped one last customer and instead I walk in the back just to find it covered in 3 inches of crusty nastiness and 1 month expired Bailey’s Coffee Creamer. But many around the world truly understand what it means to suffer, and for those who suffer there is hope. Paul wrote it this way, “Now I’m sure of this: the suffering we endure now are not even worth comparing to the glory that is coming and will be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18 The Voice). Paul knew what it was like to suffer; the dude was bit, stoned (not recreationally), beaten, imprisoned, and mocked. He got it. So why does he have hope?  He eventually went on to get murdered. So it would seem like he lost that battle, but he didn’t. He won.

Because the win was not here. The hope is not here; ask any Christian living in a mud hut in Uganda suffering from any number of problems. This place is not the hope. Heaven is hope. I am not making light of suffering, it sucks. But there is a mind shift here. Suffering does not equal loss, it equals investment. So when I stub my toe, get laughed at for sticking up for someone without a voice, or lose my cake I know that it will all be worth it, and that should change the way I live today.