The Best Things Happen at 5am


I enjoy sleep. I believe that sleep is a very spiritual exercise… After all, in dreams I have had some pretty sweet ideas that have turned into great ideas to help people, and other times I have dreamt that I could fly a Ferrari, and that’s spiritual too. I wake up at 5am every morning because I want to make a difference, and when I steal two hours in the morning I have more time to do just that.

So I think there is an important balance in enjoying sleep and not being a lazy person.

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“Do not fall in love with sleep, or you will awake a poor person. Stay awake, get to work, and you will have more than enough food.”[1]

Verses like that are no fun, because they challenge me in practical ways, but I think the author has something here.

Time and time again when successful people in business have been polled at what made the difference in their success they consistently say that they wake up while the world is sleeping.

Do you want to do something that matters, but you feel like you have no time?

I understand…

What time do you wake up? Do you take any naps?

Wake up at 5am or at least 6, and cut out the naps.

There we just saved you a minimum of 10 hours to make a difference with! Sweet.

But then you only get a few hours of sleep… DVR the late night shows and go to bed right after you put the kids down for bed. Man this is simple!

God calls us to not fall in love with sleep, because where we spend our time reveals what we love most. See you at 5am and let’s change the world.

[1] Proverbs 20:13 The Voice