The Best 2 Min Advice You Will Get Today: Don't Look Back


Check out Today's Remix Section by reading Genesis 19. I recently got to go back to my home in California that I grew up in for the first time since I moved to KC a few months ago.

It was kinda hard to walk around my small town and go through the reflection montage in my brain of all the memories I had and the mistakes I made.

I met with friends and we retold stories of all the stupid stunts we pulled, jumping off roofs, sneaking out at night, and other things I cannot write on here…

I remembered break ups, fist fights, and the emotional hell known as high school.

Have you ever gone back home and done that? Are maybe you don’t have to physically go back home. Maybe you struggle with continually reliving the glory days in your thoughts. You think about how great it was “back then” and how your best days are behind you….

There were two cities that were filled with evil, Sodom and Gomorrah. They were so evil that God couldn’t track down 5 men who had any sort of pure heart in the cities.[1]

Our main man, Abraham, had a relative named Lot who was living in the city with his family. As a favor to Abraham, God sent some angels in the city on a rescue mission for Lot’s family. Eventually they were able to escape the city and got to a safe place, but one person didn’t keep moving forward.

The Bible records, “But Lot’s wife never made it; she lagged behind her husband and looked back—despite the messenger’s advice—and turned into a pillar of salt.”[2]

Lot’s wife didn’t keep moving forward, she looked back. The bible doesn’t say why she made that choice. Maybe she was longing for her old home, or maybe she was just curious, but either way she was destroyed because she kept her eye on the past rather than looking for the safety and protection of the refuge city that was promised.

It can be healthy to look back and reflect at times, but during an emergency rescue mission is just dumb.

In our lives, we look back because we miss the “good ol’ days” and assume the best days are in the past, but that is a crappy way to live.

Yes, in the past there was less responsibility, our country wasn’t in as bleak of a status, and other things were different. But that kind of longing for the past thinking is not ran by hope, which means it is not ran by Jesus.

Jesus is guiding us into the future. He always had his mindset on what was coming up, not what was behind.

Walt Disney once said, ““Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

If you are curious, be curious about the future, not the past. Open new doors, and try new things. No matter what your past is, your best days can be in front of you.

And if you refuse to change your thinking, well I guess you might as well be turned into a pillar of salt.

[1] SIDE NOTE: The people weren’t destroyed because they were gay, like some outspoken preachers like to suggest, they were destroyed because they were completely wicked and living out an insane amount of sin of every kind, and living a homosexual lifestyle does not count as a “SuperSin”

[2] Genesis 19:26 The Voice