Surviving a Get Rich Quick Culture


America has never run short of get rich quick schemes. A hundred years ago it was the snake oil salesmen, and now there is a new one popping up on a website ever 20 seconds. I remember my first time with a get rich quick scheme; my friends got sucked into an organization that promised insane amounts of cash pending the recruitment of a team. The more people you recruited the better the payout.

I even went to some of the pump up events with them where I learned how rich I could be if I did just the minimum, and then a few success stories came up and shared how their marriage has been saved by the new income and how they were going to head out to St. Bart’s next weekend, all because of this get rich quick scheme.

Here is what Solomon wrote about these kind of ventures, “A reliable person will not escape blessings, but one who wants to get rich quick will not escape trouble.”[1]

Everyone wants to get rich quick, but few want to do the grunt labor that it takes to get to success. Very few financially successful people got rich with little time or effort invested, why should it be any different today?

My friends were sold out and joined into the company, the only reason I didn’t was because I needed to save up the cash to get in on this venture.

Of course, my friends never went to St. Bart’s and eventually fizzled out without making any money.

The mindset needs to be not how can I get from point A to point B quickly, but instead should be how can I get there well.

Reliability is one of the keys to success. I do not have to be the best at something, but if you are the most reliable then I can be trusted above the rest.

Besides, If I am reliable then God takes care of the path

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[1] Proverbs 28:20 The Voice