Spankin New Book Review on unoffendable by Brant Hansen


Think about law suits, divorce, bullying in schools and corporate offices, and church divisions for a moment. I'm going to make some quick assumptions about what they all have in common... 1) They are never pleasant to endure.

2) There were relational aspects that were probably not handled well on each side of the conflict.

3) Each person involved was offended.

We live in a culture and world that values our individual rights (and wants) and we get offended if anyone would violate those things we hold most dear. But isn't that exhausting. Constantly struggling and striving. What if there is another way?

Well it so happens that Brant Hansen wrote a new book entitled "Unoffendable" to show the way that Jesus thought about the struggle of being offended.

And it turns out that it is a pretty good life. It is one focused on others more than ourselves. A life of Gospel humility, and responding out of love more than fear.

This book shows a way that is filtered through Scripture and practical to our cultural context.

So if you are tired, weary, and exhausted of getting even and fighting lesser battles each day, this would be a great book for you to pick up!