Spankin New Book Review on The Great Good Thing by Andrew Klavan


The Great Good Thing by Andrew Klavan was the book I did not know I needed to read. I rarely read modern/mystery fiction so it is understandable that I had never heard of this author’s name. However, this honest memoir made me stand in awe of two things:1) His expert word smithing 2) His story of unlikely redemption

This memoir is an honest telling of what led a secular Jew to follow Jesus. His story is incredible because it is relatable, family dysfunction, questioning values in an ever changing world, and a search for meaning and hope. Of course, his story is highlighted because of his publicized works and brilliant mind.

It is his mind which challenged me and helped me think through deeper questions that sometimes feel better if not asked. He questioned the modern thinking of his parents. He questioned the postmodern thinking of his age. He questioned the historical roots of western Christianity. Each of these gave me insights brilliant yet clearly.

Even though Andrew is a clear intellectual, he was relatable. Each of us struggle, so to hear the life a fellow struggler and to see him find hope in Jesus is such a beautiful climax. It inspired me to realize how God will call to Himself whomever He desires, regardless of how likely or unlikely we might think.

I found this book insightful. His writing is compelling. The thoughts biblical and well thought out. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who would like to be challenged in their thinking.