Spankin' New Book Review on "The Angels' Share" by James Markert


“The Angels’ Share” by James Markert was a brilliant new work of historical fiction. When I first received my copy to review I was unsure about what kind of story it would be, but what I found was a well thought and passionate work of literature. From the beginning of this story, meeting the McFee family and the followers of Asher, I was perplexed. I had no clue where this story was going or what it’s central theme was going to be. To be honest, initially I was slow to enter the story because of lack of clarity. But by halfway through the book, I could not put it down… I needed resolution.

This book puts broken people at the forefront. Homeless veterans, alcohol addicts, and mental illness all exist in the real world this author creates. While we often see personal brokenness stuffed down internally, this story reveals how grace prevails when brokenness is exposed to the light.

The major redemptive story arc carried this story through, and ultimately was thought provoking to the way the reader sees those who are living with struggles within their own lives.

“The Angels’ Share” gives a voice to the voiceless and I would absolutely recommend this read!

Book ReviewsDaniel Conner