Spankin' New Book Review on Seven Men by Eric Metaxas


Few men have ever woken up hoping to live insignificant lives, yet we live in a world filled with settling, regret, and lives void of integrity. It seems like every talking head or writing hand has an opinion of how we can reestablish manhood. Everyone seems to have “facts” to change the world, but few show what it actually looks like. We need men who model these facts and try the plays out on the field, we need to see these truths incarnate. This is the message of the book 7 Men by Eric Metaxas. In this book, Eric looks at seven men throughout history who embodies the principles of manliness, biblical manhood, and shows how these men lived every day transformed by their truths. What you will not find in this book is quick fixes or sugar coated versions of history. Instead, you will see men committed to living lives that matter and echo into eternity, and practical ways for us to emulate them in their life journeys.

This book was creative and captivating. It is of the rare breed of book that can truly reach a man’s heart and restore that piece of us that still desires to live an adventure, but live one that embodies integrity, honor, hope, and love. This book is solid on Scriptural basis, and worthy of being picked up by any man who desires to live a transformed life.