Spankin' New Book Review on Jesus Continued... By JD Greear


For the last couple years I have been receiving free copies of books from publishers to write blog reviews for, and when I first got started I received a copy of "Jesus Continued... Why The Spirit Inside You is Better Than Jesus Beside You" by JD Greear. I honestly picked this book for no discernible reason other than I think I had recently read a verse like it in the Bible and thought what could Jesus possibly mean that it is for OUR benefit that he leave? Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate luggage accident that occurred on a cruise ship, where I was intending on reading this book, my book ended up drenched in a broken bottle of Fireball and we had to toss it out otherwise risking my Spirit-filled (pun intended) book becoming a nasty cinnamon version of one of those taxi cab pine tree air fresheners, not ideal. And with the books disposal from our stateroom, this book was lost to my memory.

I bring this up to start a book review because it was not until I arrived here in Shanghai that I realized how little I had relied on the Spirit back in the States. There had been numerous occasions for me to learn to rely less on me and more on Him, but I elected to keep the ball and head back onto the field under my power far too many times. But moving to do ministry in East Asia has a way of cutting the cords of all your distractions and crutches, and it made me realize how little I had truly relied on the power of the Spirit.

SO I remembered this book and repurchased it on my iPad and began devouring it. The words were both cutting, as it revealed my infrequency of focus on the promises of the Spirit, and a drink of fresh water, as I realized the opportunity and hope to be yet discovered within those promises of power, light, and togetherness.

JD wrote with great clarity, helping to take solid theological concepts and bringing them to life through examples from modern life and Scripture to build a compelling case to press deeper into the presence of the Spirit.

Perhaps the most meaningful section to me was found in the Appendix, entitled "A Word to Pastors." In this section he addressed how so many seminary graduates are equipped with solid education but few encounters with the power of the Spirit's Presence. I realized he was writing about me. I graduated from seminary feeling pretty good about my accomplishments so far, ready to attack the darkness for God, but am just now realizing how little I have sought God's presence in prayer and began simply walking in His promises within the Bible.

After reading this section I felt like an idiot.

SO with that READ THIS BOOK if you want to feel like an idiot. But an idiot who is better equipped to focus on the power and presence of the Spirit.

For me personally, this book has motivated me to reevaluate the way I have organized my ministry, pray with my discipler about how I can press deeper into the Spirit, and begin discipling men to truly tap into the Spirit's power themselves!

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