Spankin' New Book Review on How to Live in Fear by Lance Hahn


Fear is incredibly inviting. Fear promises a life that will probably never happen. Granted, the life it is promising is always the worst possibility, is rarely based in reality, is usually self-centered, and is flat out exhausting.

At least that is what my personal experience has taught me. I’ve struggled with fear since I was a young kid. Spending restless nights awake in my bed. Constant pacing. Not able to get outside of my own head. Lacking all ability to focus on anything else.

It’s because of that I was excited to read How to Live in Fear by Lance Hahn. Lance’s perspective is the driving influence of this book, which comes from his personal struggle with anxiety disorder but is grounded in Scripture.

He opens up honestly and reveals the deep struggles he has endured, but even with such a heavy subject matter, Lance is able to share humorous stories from his own experience that keep the mood light.

The practical applications of this book have been helpful in my life, because ultimately this book focuses on challenging the reader to trust and follow Jesus, to take thoughts captive, and focus on the Hope that is found in the Gospel.

This is a book I would recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety or to those who would like to learn better how to love and encourage someone who does.