Spankin New Book Review on Diary of a Jackwagon by Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins has been a clean comedian since before I realized that such a thing was even possible. I mean, I grew up in a school of thought that to be funny you must also use enough select four letter words and grossly exaggerated storylines to keep the audience entertained... even if it was group of four friends in my neighborhood who would probably laugh at anything with the word butt in it... But after I left high school I came to know Jesus and in knowing Him my worldview began to change, including the way I viewed comedy... All of a sudden the jokes I once thought were so jokingly sarcastic were now cutting and not beneficial, but all of that sounds pretty "Christian" right? But my problem was that all the Christian comedians I had heard were not funny. I thought that was simply the way it was supposed to go, as if the comedians I grew up listening to were Coca-Cola, pleasing with a nice kick at the end but not good for me, and now as a Christian I was doomed to switch to a brand of comedy that tasted like carrot juice, healthy... yes, but leaving a weird taste in your mouth for a while after.

Then I heard the Chic Fil A song by Tim Hawkins, and it all began to change. I realized that this was a guy who was both funny and clean, and in fact his values only made him funnier and more human.

All this to say, I was excited to read his book "Diary of a Jackwagon" because it felt like I was reading his best comedy work, and could journey through it at my own pace.

His book had me nearly falling out of bed as I would be trying to fall asleep reading, and also had me considering theological realities in new and creative ways!

This is a book I would highly recommend and definitely encourage any guy or gal looking for a comedic outlet that would be uplifting and not cheesy!