Something More Accurate Than Your Horoscope


So many people put stock into what the alignment of the stars says and what dream’s might mean. Ive never been to interested probably because I’m not smart enough to understand the cosmic placing of stars or figure out how that has to do with me being insecure of Thursdays or victorious on Friday.

Dream interpretation is kind of similar, because everyone has got an opinion. Freud suggested that it all has something to do our desire to do weird stuff with moms (not really), and a lot of people think you can figure out the future with them which is fine until you interpret your dream of a dead pet box turtle from your youth eating a Twinkie and figure out somehow that it means that you need to go quit your job and move to an island, which is cool if you are into that kind of thing.

But the truth is our dreams are really weird, and I don’t know if humans can figure them out or if we should, but I do believe that sometimes God can provide the answer.

Like in Genesis 40, when Joseph was in prison and two guys from Pharaoh’s court are thrown in. Both have dreams, and get stressed because they cant interpret them, so Joseph says that he might be able to help. He lets them know, “Interpretations belong to God, don’t they? If you’d like, tell them to me!”[1]

God gives Joseph the answers to their dreams, one would get his old job and the other would get executed and both events would happen in three days. He was right.

We can get so caught up trying to decipher the future like the sky is a giant Wikipedia timeline of future events. We look for mystical roadsigns in everything from chicken bones to alphabet soup, and we forget to live.

That is why I like what Joseph said, because only God can figure out the stuff that is beyond our ability to understand. After all He is not a being that is confined to our dimension of time and space, He lives in all times at all time. That is confusing and big and I think He likes it that way.

But that should be freeing to us, because then we don’t have to check our FB Horoscope or pull out a dream book, whatever that is, we simply have to talk to God about our future and trust the wisdom of the Bible and those we trust to be our guides. Its that simple.

[1] Genesis 40:8 The Voice