Simple Tip for When You Feel Alone


When life sucks we want a rescue mission. We want the knight in shining armor to come slay the dragon and ride off into the sunset (even us guys).

We want to punch through the walls of whatever our problems are and leave them in the past.

What we get is pain, hurt, and eventually healing and restoration, but always at a cost.

It’s easy to get the feeling that if God exists then he must not care about our personal problems, because if He did then why would He allow us to go through the pain that we go through?

But think about the ancient Hebrews and the way they were treated in Egypt. They were enslaved, beaten, and harassed for generations before God sent them Moses to secure their freedom. Wouldn’t you feel forgotten about by God? They did too.

But before they even arrived there God made a promise to their ancestor named Israel. God told him to take his family to Egypt and to know, “I will go down with you to Egypt, and one day I ill be the One to bring you back again. And something else—Joseph’s own hands will be the ones to close your eyes at the time of your death.”[1]

God never abandoned Israel, even when they felt that He left their side long ago. He promised to go to Egypt with them, and do the rescue mission at the right time.

So whether you are on the verge of a financial collapse, you are hurting because of end of a relationship, or if you got a negative diagnosis you need to know that God has not forgotten you.

He still cares, and He promises over and over in Scripture that while He may not remove you from the crappy circumstance He will be walking with you, even though you cannot always feel it.

You are never alone, I promise.

[1] Genesis 46:4 The Voice