Remix Review on Romance of Religion by Dwight Longenecker


Religious impulse is often viewed in the worlds of art and science as being unimaginative and not informed by logic. According to Longenecker, those perceptions should be changed, and that is exactly what he sets out to change within this book. This book serves as an apologetic of beauty by revealing how all the great stories of myth, heroism, and romance point to the One that they all unknowingly prophesied toward. That person is Jesus, and He is the hero of romance, and the champion of humanity. By appealing to both reason and imagination Dwight reaches out to the hopeful heart of the reader, regardless of belief. As a reader, I found this book very interesting because it served a poetic apologetic that displayed the beauty of the Gospel in a way that I believe would be intriguing to the most logical of non-believers. This book inspired me personally to consider how I explain the faith I have in Jesus in a way that embraces wisdom and beauty. I should note that the author often uses poetic imagery and language that can take a few seconds to process, but it is worth it. As I read, it felt like I was reading an epic poem, which made it a fun read. He conveyed biblical truth in a way that embraced heroism and adventure, and I believe that is something that is definitely missing within the Church. I would definitely recommend this book to any person who embraces intellectualism or the beauty of art. This is an appropriate book for a postmodern world, and if I haven't been clear, you should go buy it and read it now!