Remix Review on No More Dragons by Jim Burgen


Epic title right? Who doesn't love a book about dragons? The dragons contained in this book are of a different sort... these are the kind that are living in each of our lives. They can be an addiction, a lingering trial, or a nagging issue that never leaves. The truth is that each of us are ensnared by dragons, and often we give up hope and begin to think that we ARE the dragon. But Burgen reveals that there is hope; when we stop trying to "fix" ourselves and come to the end of ourselves then can we can let Jesus remove the scales and set us free to a whole new life. Jim is an awesomely manly writer, using real language to speak to real people with real issues and I love it. He doesn't sugarcoat the struggle or the consequences but reveals hope in a way that each of us are desperate for. This book was inspiring, challenging, funny, and deep. I loved it and you will to if you are willing to be honest and evaluate yourself and your sin rather than the other guys. Jim presents every difficult truth with a great detail to Scripture and who Jesus is. So stop reading this review, go get the book, and watch as Jesus removes the scales that you can't remove.

This book was supplied by the publisher via Book Look Blogger in return for this review.