Remix Book Review on Risky Gospel


Christians are boring, hypocritical, old, irrelevant, out of touch with reality and culture, and a bunch of other stuff.. Well that is how many people view those who claim to follow Jesus. But what if Jesus never asked us to be comfortable? Hypocritical? Or to play it safe? That is exactly what author Owen Strachan sought out to discover in his new book entitled Risky Gospel.

This book is all about how the good news of Jesus is not uneventful or safe, but risky, authentic, and adventurous. Through the book the author looks at ten different areas of life that Jesus desires to inspire with adventure and new life, including family life, work, church, and how we view failure.

This book was not the most interesting book all the way through; still, it was definitely a challenging book that attacked my desire for comfort and challenged me to be creative and be innovative because God is.

Owen made me think a lot about the way that people view the church. It sucks that many try to make the church into a social club when it was meant to be a gathering for a revolution and purpose.

Risky Gospel was not overly worded and was interesting. It did not attempt to give any revolutionary or new info, but it did retell some solid biblical principles in a way that anybody who reads it will be excited, challenged, and ready to stop playing it safe and start following Jesus.

I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks that Christianity is for the faint hearted and those who want safety… You won’t after you finish it.