Remix Book Review on Raised? by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson


It’s so interesting to me when people think placing faith in Jesus is a matter of blind faith! I guess maybe this misperception exists because Christians have sucked in the past at explaining what faith is. Fortunately, throughout the years many great thinkers and writers have put together strong defenses of faith based on the Bible but layered in logic. Unfortunately, most of those books are freakin’ long! Not to worry, because Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson is an awesome new book that is four chapters long. Seriously, you can read it in one sitting, and whether you are a believer or skeptic, you can walk about with a real understanding of why the Resurrection of Jesus is at least plausible and why it is so important to each of our lives. I found this book to be very interesting, and amazingly short! The authors kept it simple but logical and I believe could and should appeal to each person, regardless of belief. The arguments that the authors suggest were basic, but is a good starting point for anyone looking into the possibility of a guy rising from the dead. The authors did convey Biblical truth and stayed true to the Gospel message. I would absolutely recommend this book as a gift to a friend who may be looking into the claims of Jesus, they just might walk away from chapter 4 with their lives transformed! 

This book was supplied by the publisher via Book Look Blogger in return for this review.