Reacting to Newness


How do you react when you are given an opportunity? Imagine an intern for a large corporation gets his internship and begins wide-eyed and grateful for every meeting he sits in and planning session he hears. He is a sponge, absorbing as much information as possible as quickly as he can…

Soon though, he contributes some ideas and begins to feel like an equal. Then he gets hired on salary and begins climbing the ladder. He stops being the grateful undergrad and has now walks around like he owns he place and looks down on just about everyone else…

Don’t you hate that guy? It happens in just about every work place, sports team, or relationship… Someone starts out as grateful, then moves into entitlement, then it evolves into being stuck up.

Have you ever been that guy or gal? I have. I have started a new job or sport with wide eye respect and gratefulness, but then give it a few months and I become Johnny Football (Google the reference if necessary).

When God promised our guy Abram that he and his wife would have a son they were stoked, but at this point in our story years had gone by. So his wife Sarai told Abram to do one of the normal customs of the day and take her servant name Hagar as his second wife and have a child with her instead.

Abram agreed and Hagar felt honored. Hagar got the opportunity of a lifetime, a way out of servanthood.

So Abram got her prego, but then she changed… she began to believe her own hype…

The bible says, “So Abram slept with Hagar. It was not long before she conceived. But as soon as she knew she was pregnant with Abram’s child, Hagar’s attitude changed and she became haughty toward Sarai.”[1]

It would have been an honor for Hagar to conceive this child, but she turned so quickly… She began to look at Sarai with an ego because she could do what Sarai was unable to, give her husband a child.

Each time we are given an opportunity we have decisions to make, these aren’t the surface level decisions, they are emotional and attitudinal decisions… like….

Will I come in to this new job wanting to learn or wanting to teach?

Will I go into a marriage grateful for such a great spouse or will I come in believing that I actually deserved this amazing person?

Will I treat my salvation through Jesus as something I in any way deserved or will I understand that the point of grace is that I could not possible earn any of it?

The question looks unique for your day but I bet you can think of one. So think hard, and pray about it. Is there a place where you have gotten cocky? Where you have begun believing your own hype?

Don’t feel guilty, just change it. The solution in simple… gratefulness. Be grateful and show it right now. Thank God for your skills, talents, and opportunities. Volunteer to put the kids to bed tonight so your spouse can watch his or her fav show. Write a letter to your boss thanking them for the opportunity to excel in your position.

Think of your own way to express your gratefulness, because the truth is we don’t deserve any of the good stuff we have in life, so make today count and don’t believe the hype!

[1] Genesis 16:4 The Voice